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    Panasonic 32" Led PANA TH 32D405K

    Panasonic 32" Led PANA TH 32D405K

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    SKU: PANA-TH-32D405K
    Weight: 7 kg, 0 grams
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    Brand: PANASONIC
    Dimension (cm): 17.9 x 73.3 x 47.6
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    Product details of Panasonic TH-32D405 Viera LED TV Full HD 32˝ (Black)

    Value and Quality in Perfect Harmony

    With the vivid pictures of Vivid Digital Pro and easy-to-use features, the D400 TV offers great value for money.

    *Design, functions and specifications are subject to change without notice.

    200Hz Backlight Motion Rate

    200Hz Backlight Motion Rate

    Smooth Reproduction of Fast Motion

    One of the biggest weaknesses of LCD TVs is the way they can lose resolution and judder when showing motion. BMR addresses this problem by

    sequentially turning off sections of the backlight during the rendering of each image frame.

    Dot Noise Reduction

    Dot Noise Reduction

    Reduces Random Picture Noise to Make Images Look Clearer and Crisper

    Even with the arrival of HD, many of our video sources still contain lots of random noise that can leave them looking grainy and fizzy on your TV screen.

    However, this so-called 'dot noise' can now be removed from almost any source by Dot Noise Reduction's unique noise detection and correction processing.

    Vivid Digital Pro

    Vivid Digital Pro

    Natural Skin Tones and Colours with Bright, Sharp Images

    A form of image rendering designed especially for digital signals corrects colour, brightness and sharpness. It achieves natural skin tones and colours,

    enhances brightness and sharpens images with an original noise reduction method. This unique technology allows you to experience truly superb images.

    Media Player

    Media Player

    Easy Viewing of Your Photos and Videos on Your TV Screen

    Media players let you play back on your big TV screen any multimedia content - be it photos, movies or music - stored on USB memory sticks. All you have to

    do is slot them into the right sockets on the TV. You can even customise playback with a wealth of customization options, such as adding background music

    and effects.

    32" Viera LED TV TH-32D400K

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