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    Morgan Deep Fryer 3.0 Liter MDF-SB31P

    Morgan Deep Fryer 3.0 Liter MDF-SB31P

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    Weight: 4 kg, 0 grams
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    Brand: MORGAN
    Dimension (cm): 25.5 x 26 x 20.5
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    If cooking has always been your passion and you always seek out the best of kitchen appliances for well, your kitchen then Morgan Deep Fryer MDF-SB31P is the right deep fryer for you. No more cooking your favourites with another run-of-the-mill pan thanks to this innovative creation of Morgan.

    Safe to UseThe Morgan Deep Fryer MDF-SA31P has a stainless steel outer body making it durable and long lasting. Stainless steel Cover & Tempered Glass Housing means that it will not rust quickly like appliances made from other types of metal do. There is a deluxe cover on the deep fryer to protect you from the volatile hot oil when the deep fryer is in use frying up your favourite chicken wings.

    Easy & ConvenientThe Morgan Deep Fryer MDF-SB31P comes with an adjustable temperature control that allows you the luxury of choosing the heat you want for your frying food. Meanwhile the indication light naturally indicates when the fryer is switched on and when it is not. The removable tray allows for easy cleaning because all you have to do is just remove the tray from the fryer and wash it.

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