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    Khind Mosquito & Insect Killer IK610

    Khind Mosquito & Insect Killer IK610

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    SKU: KHI-IK-610
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    Brand: KHIND
    Dimension (cm): 15x30x15
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    Product details of Khind Electronic Insect Killer IK610 (Random Color)

    Buzzing insects are annoying and can really disrupt a peaceful time. While having to chase them away with a swatter or hand is not a problem, you’d want an easier and hassle free way to do so. Presenting Khind Insect Killer with low energy consumption and free from chemical, toxic and radiation. All you need to do is place it on a table and let Khind Insect Killer do all the work. Khind Insect Killer comes with a removable tray so you don’t have to clean them bugs with your bare hands. Aedes Buster with 4 Hours Timers, Power 26W

    Traps mosquitoes with 3 powerful non-toxic attractions: 

    i) Odour - Carbon Dioxide generated by the Titanium Dioxide Coating in this buster mimics the same Carbon Dioxide exhaled by human beings. Its attraction can be further enhanced by adding a natural scent of banana to it, by rubbing ripe banana or its skin onto the exterior of the buster. If supported by an air current, it can attract mosquitoes from 100 ft away

    ii) Light - The Ultra Violet light of this Buster produces a strong visual attraction to mosquitoes which are within 30 ft

    iii) Heat - Heat released from the UV lamps and the dark-coloured body of this buster mimics our body warmth and lure mosquitoes which are within 10 ft to the Buster

    How to use?

    • It is strictly for indoor use only.
    • The most effective way of using Khind Aedes Buster IK610 is to place it 3 feet above the ground, turn it on, switch off other lights in the room than leave the room with door closed. The unit will automatically turn off after 4 hours.
    • It is recommended to place the Buster in an enclosed area, at least 10 feet away from humans so that you won’t distract the mosquitoes and become the wrong target. 
    • Ultra violet tube is recommended to change every 12 months based on daily use of 4 hours.
    • Glue tray is suggested to change once is fully covered by mosquitoes. 

    Features & Consumer Benefit :-

    • Protect you and your loved ones from the threat of Aedes Mosquitoes & other blood seeking insects
    • Simulate the human body warmth and breath (carbon dioxide) to attract and trap mosquitoes
    • Bust mosquitoes instantly with the glue trap without having to wait till they're dehydrated  
    • Safe & Hygienic......Non-toxic. No Chemical. No insecticides. No ants.
    • Free 2 UV lamps & 2 glue traps for every purchase.  

    Specifications :-

      • Voltage : 220-240V ~ 50Hz
      • Power : 26W
      • Effective area : 30 - 60 square meters 
      • Carton Box Dimension : 260(L) X 230(W) X 370(H) mm
      • Gross Weight : 2kg

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