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    Firenzzi Garment Steamer 1500w With Power Setting FIR FGS 218

    Firenzzi Garment Steamer 1500w With Power Setting FIR FGS 218

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    SKU: FIR-FGS-218
    Weight: 6 kg, 0 grams
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    Brand: FIRENZZI
    Dimension (cm): 39 x 33 x 36.5
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    Firenzzi Garment Steamer 1500w / Full Accessories / 2.0l / With Power Setting FIR FGS 218

    Product details of Firenzzi Garment Steamer FGS218


    With all the new technological advancement and innovation, household appliances now work even better and faster.

    At FIRENZZI, we emphasize efficiency and durability. This is exactly why our products are designed for specific uses to help ease daily household chores with greater efficiency.

    With FIRENZZI, you can now relax with new hassle-free ironing experiences, which lead to a higher quality lifestyle for you and your family.

    Modern/Silky & Stylish

    FGS 28 & FGS 218



    FIRENZZI introduces two new models - FGS 28 (1.4 litre water tank) and FGS 218 (2 litre water tank) - which will revolutionise your ironing experience, thanks to their dual function of a humidifier and a steamer with fout different temperature control.

    The humidifier function allows you to enjoy your air-conditioned comfort wihout drying out our skin. Just turn on the innovative Power selector 1 to humidify the air when you are in an air-conditioned room.

    As for the temperature control, switch on to 1 (operating at 300 watts), wait for 45 seconds and steam will flow for 45-60 minutes. Switch to 2 (operating at 600 watts) to sterilise bedsheets and children's stuffed toys. Switch to 3 (operating at 1200 watts) to steam iron evening dresses while selector 4 (operating at 1500 watts) steam irons men's shirts and pants and speeds up the ironing time for all types of fabric.

    Not only these two models iron and sterilise your clothes and humidify the air, they also help you to save energy by 30 percent with the Power Selector control.

    Firenzzi FGS 28 and FGS 218 models make ironing enojoyable while improving your lifestyle through the dual humidifier and steamer functions.

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