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    Faber FDF1035SS Deep Fryer Temperature Control

    Faber FDF1035SS Deep Fryer Temperature Control

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    SKU: FAB-FDF1035SS
    Weight: 6 kg, 0 grams
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    Brand: FABER
    Dimension (cm): 45 x 35 x 50
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    Product details of Faber FDF1035SS Deep Fryer

    If cooking has always been your passion and you always seek out the best of kitchen appliances for your kitchen, then Faber Deep Fryer FDF 1035 SS is the right deep fryer for you! No more cooking rice with another run-of-the-mill deep fryer thanks to this innovative creation of Faber.

    More Time At Home & Less In Fast Food Joints

    Deep fryers are now one of the essential components of any ordinary household kitchen. They play an important role in the preparation of a variety of delicious and crunchy treats. Deep fryers a very useful for you to cook or fry your own fries and chicken, instead of relying on the likes of fast food joints and take outs. Say goodbye to unhealthy fast food and hello to the healthier homemade alternative with equal amount of fast food goodness. 

    More Than Just A Deep Fryer

    The Faber Deep Fryer FDF 1035 SS has a rectangle body design to suit perfectly well in your kitchen. A variety of different food can be placed in your own deep fryer – the Faber Deep Fryer FDF 1035 SS. This deep fryer has an aluminium heating element ensuring the safety of the heater and its durability. It also comes with temperature control for you to choose the temperature that you want the oil to boil at. 

    Get a Faber today! 

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