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Elba Air Fryer 2.2L 1500W EAF-D2215 Black with Over Heat Protection

Elba Air Fryer 2.2L 1500W EAF-D2215 Black with Over Heat Protection

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Weight: 6 kg, 500 grams
Stock: Out of stock

Brand: ELBA
Dimension (cm): 29 x 35 x 32
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Product details of Elba Air Fryer EAF-D2215(BK)

We live in a generation that is obsessed with unhealthy fast foods and deep fried snacks are fast becoming a social pandemic. Health issues such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and a myriad of other problems are on the rise in Malaysia. With the ELBA Air Fryer EAF-D2215, you don't have to think twice about the foods you're eating!

Being healthy never tasted this good!

Using high speed air circulation, the EAF-D2215 heats up the ingredients from all sides at the same time, making it healthier but still retaining the food's original flavor and taste! Instead of buying snacks drenched in oil, choose the EAF-D2215 for a healthier, more wholesome and inevitably more delicious option without compromising on the wonderfully crispy exterior and moist interior that we all love. That way, you can create mouthwatering and healthy French fries, nuggets, curry puffs and all sorts of delectable snacks without stressing about how much oil you're consuming, because there isn't any!

Fast and environmentally-friendly

With a 2.2L cooking capacity and powered by an impressive 1500W, you can now produce amazing culinary results faster than ever before. No need to worry about your ingredients over drying, with the digital preset cooking program, you can leave the EAF-D2215 to do its job and be amazed by its prompt results! In addition to being a much healthier cooking option, the EAF-D2215 is also environmentally friendly due to its use of energy free, radiation free and smoke free technology. So what are you waiting for? Get the healthier cooking option for you and your family with the ELBA Air Fryer EAF-D2215.

Why Elba

Elba is a trusted brand from Malaysia that has been operating since 1979 in Johor Baharu, Malaysia. From peninsular Malaysia to east Malaysia, Elba started as a small business which then blossomed throughout the world and offers not just a wide range of electrical appliances but also home appliances. Ran by Fiamma Holdings Berhad, Elba is still blossoming and growing bigger each year.